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How does a risk specialist differ from a generalist financial planner?

Unlike generalist financial planners, who offer clients a full suite of financial services (e.g. investment planning, retirement planning, tax effective investments and insurance) without specialising in any particular field, a risk specialist is an Adviser who is dedicated to providing clients with advice on personal and business insurances.   As a specialist, the Adviser will have extensive experience in this area alone, will be up to date with trends and changes in the risk insurance industry, as well as changes to legislation and can therefore provide you with quality advice on all aspects of insurance.

Our team at Paradigm Risk Advisors are highly skilled and experienced in the area of risk insurance and our advice specialisations include Business succession and key person, SME businesses Executives, Professionals and their families.


Why should I review my existing insurance policies?

Over time your needs and objectives may alter.  It is therefore important that your existing insurance policies are reviewed on a regular basis in order to ensure that the level of cover you hold remains relevant to your circumstances.

By regularly reviewing your cover, you can make certain that you and your family won't be left financially exposed should the unexpected occur.
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Why use Paradigm Risk Advisors?

Paradigm Risk Advisors is a specialist Risk advice business that focuses on providing quality advice to clients, as opposed to selling them a product.  We have a dedicated team of risk specialists that will assess your business and family financial risks and frame a solution to absolve these risks.

Paradigm Risk Advisors is a broker of all insurance products, and is not aligned to a single life office, giving you confidence that the products recommended are appropriately suited to your insurance needs and objectives whilst also being competitively priced.
We are members of several elite Risk Adviser groups, giving us direct access to Lead Underwriters, Chief Medical Officers and privileged services.
We offer an ongoing review service to give you piece of mind that the level of cover you hold is adequate and that the product continues to meet your needs.
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Business Succession: Is insurance funding expensive?

The cost of an insurance policy to fund a buy/sell agreement or a key person policy is minimal when taking into account the levels of cover payable in the event of a claim.  As a rule of thumb, the cost of an insurance policy may cost approximately 0.3% of the sum insured for lump sum cover.

Importantly, insurance premiums vary across males and females, age, occupation and smoker status.  The cost will also be different for each type of event covered (i.e. death, disablement, trauma etc).

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