Paradigm Risk Management

Protect what you have and stay on course

Your capacity to provide a secure financial future for you and your family relies heavily on your ability to apply your skills, talent and energy to your work life.

An insurance plan protects your financial position in the event that your personal 'human capital' is impaired, either temporarily or permanently. It should be at the core of any comprehensive wealth management plan.

Personal insurance provides financial peace of mind in the event that life takes an unexpected turn, whether due to illness, injury or death.

Our insurance advice looks at long term solutions, effective use of insurance policies and most critically the payment of claims when most needed. 

For people in business we also look at succession. Succession is a major issue for many small and medium sized businesses. The value of a partner’s equity is commonly the largest asset that they own (often viewed as their retirement nest egg). Far too often, death or disablement of a key person and the lack of a formal plan will result in this value never materialising.

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