Paradigm Difference

What makes us different

At Paradigm, we believe that there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach, every client is unique. That’s why we focus on developing strategies that allow you to meet your financial goals and lead the lifestyle you want.

The Paradigm process follows a number of key steps to build a transparent, coherent wealth plan tailored for you.We have an honest discussion with you about your goals, your time frames and your risk profile.

  1. We assess your current situation to see if you are on track and we talk to you about any opportunities or gaps.
  2. If necessary, we create a new wealth management program that fits your investment goals and your tolerance for risk.
  3. We stress test the program to ensure that you are comfortable with the potential downside risks and we continue to adjust and retest until you are comfortable.
  4. We implement and monitor the program and report to you actual dollar outcomes against a dollar target. 

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