Planning in retirement

So you’ve made it to retirement.  No more daily grind, work emails and putting up with objectionable work colleagues.  It’s all smooth sailing from here on. Or is it? 

Unfortunately, most people still bear financial risks in retirement. Among these risks are that:

  • your assets decline in value and with it your standard of living
  • laws relating to income tax, super or the Age Pension change leaving you worse off
  • you significantly outlive your life expectancy and exhaust your savings
  • inflation outpaces your pension withdrawals resulting in a falling real income
  • your estate plan ceases to be current and effective.

Clearly getting to retirement in sound financial shape is only part of the challenge. Keeping your financial affairs in order so that you can enjoy your retirement can be an even bigger one.

Peace of mind in retirement

Today's retirees are more likely to be found para-sailing off the Costa del Sol than in a bingo hall. Better health, broader horizons and higher living standards have raised lifestyle expectancy and expectations in retirement. Astute retirees recognise the importance of advice in managing and mitigating the risks to their retirement lifestyles. 

Paradigm can help you in getting your retirement plan into shape and in managing your assets so you stay on course.  

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