Retirement Planning

Guiding you through the retirement planning maze

The choices you make in the years leading up to your retirement can have a profound effect on your lifestyle once you retire.  But planning for retirement is difficult because there are so many things to consider.  Some questions people often ask are:

  • At what age should I retire?

  • How much capital will I need when I retire?

  • What can I comfortably draw from my retirement capital to live on?

  • What rates of return do I need before and after retirement?

  • How much investment risk should I take?

  • What will the tax impact be on my income in retirement?

  • How much support might I get from the Age Pension and other entitlements?

  • What is involved in shifting my living arrangements to an aged care facility?

  • How long should I plan for and what will happen to any residual assets upon my passing?

As these questions will typically arise at different points in time, we divide retirement planning into two distinct phases:

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